2021 IATRC Annual Meeting Schedule

(All times listed below are in PACIFIC Standard Time.)

Sunday, December 12th:

6:30 — 7:00 am Pacific

Breakfast and Main Hall Opens

7:007:15 am

Welcome & Introduction

IATRC Executive Committee Chair: Titus Awokuse (Michigan State University)

7:15  — 8:30 am


7:15  — 8:30 am

Session 1

Effects of COVID on Agricul­tural Trade

Moderator: John Beghin (University of Nebraska)

1Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on U.S. Bilateral Trade in Agricul­tural Products 
John Bovay, Charlotte Emlinger and Shamar Stewart (Virginia Tech)

2) Revis­iting the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Canada’s Agricul­tural Trade: The Surprising Case of an Agricul­tural Export Boom 

Richard Barichello (University of British Columbia)

3) COVID-19 Impacts: Don’t Forget Trade 

Andrew Schmitz (University of Florida)

7:15  — 8:30 am

Session 2

Global Value Chains in Agriculture

Moderator: Bernard Cantin (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

1) The Positioning of French Agrifood Firms in Global Value Chains
Kossi Messanh Agbekponou, Cecile Le Roy, Angela Cheptea, and Karine Latouche (INRAE, SMART-LERECO, France)

2) Global Agricul­tural Value Chains and Struc­tural Trans­for­mation
Sunghun Lim (Texas Tech University)

8:30 – 8:45 am


8:45- 10:15 am


Trade and Environ­mental Policies: Synergies and Rivalries

Organizer: Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia)

Discussant: Munisamy Gopinath (University of Georgia)

The Economic Geography of Global Warming 

Esteban Rossi-Hansberg (University of Chicago)

10:15 - 10:30 am


10:30 am — 12:00 pm


Contri­bu­tions of Timothy Josling to Agricul­tural Trade Analysis and Policymaking

Moderator: David Orden (Virginia Tech)

1) The Publi­ca­tions of Timothy Josling: An Analytical Overview 

David Blandford (Professor Emeritus, Pennsyl­vania State University)

2Josling’s Contri­bu­tions of Enduring Quality 

Stefan Tangermann (Professor Emeritus, University of Göttingen)

3Analytic and Insti­tu­tional Contri­bu­tions Through the IATRC 

 Moderated discussion of members’ percep­tions and reflections

Monday, December 13th:

6:30 — 7:00 am Pacific

Breakfast and Main Hall opens 

7:008:30 am


7:00 — 8:30 am

Session 3

New Estimates of Agricul­tural Trade Elastic­ities: Evidence from USDA’s Elasticity Project

Organizers: Jason Grant (Virginia Tech), Keithly Jones (USDA, FAS) and Shawn Arita and Sharon Sydow(USDA Office of the Chief Economist)
Moderator: Keithly Jones (USDA, FAS)

1) New Estimates of Inter­na­tional Agricul­tural Trade Elastic­ities: Evidence from the 201819 Trade Dispute 

Jason Grant, Charlotte Emlinger, Xin Ning (Virginia Tech), Shawn Arita and Sharon Sydow (USDA, OCE)

2) Devel­op­ments in Demand System Approaches to Estimating Bilateral Trade Elasticities

Andrew Muhammad (University of Tennessee) and Jim Seale (University of Florida)

3) New Markets as New Products: Adaptation of the Bass Diffusion Model and System Dynamics Modeling for Forecasting Agri-Food Exports 

Vincent Amanor-Boadu (Kansas State University)

4) Estimating Macro and Micro Armington Elastic­ities among Agricul­tural Products

Jinyang Yang, George Davis, and Jason Grant (Virginia Tech)

5Updating Agricul­tural Trade Elastic­ities for Use in a CGE Framework 

Alla Golub, Angel Aguiar, Maksym Chepeliev, Thomas Hertel, and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe (Purdue University)

7:00 — 8:30 am

Session 4

Aspects of Agricul­tural Marketing and Competitiveness

Moderator: Titus O. Awokuse (Michigan State University)

1) New Plant Engineering Techniques, R&D Investment, and Inter­na­tional Trade

Stéphan Marette (Université Paris-Saclay), Anne-Célia Disdier (Paris School of Economics), Anastasia Bodnar (USDA, OCE), and John Beghin (University of Nebraska)

2) Compet­itive Perfor­mance of Canadian Agri-Food Exports to China and India in the New Millennium: A Compar­ative Analysis

Rakhal Sarker (University of Guelph)

3) Income Similarity and Foreign Direct Investment in the Food and Beverage Industry

Dongin Kim and Sandro Steinbach (University of Connecticut)

8:30 — 8:45 am


8:45 — 10:15 am


Trade and Environ­mental Policies: Synergies and Rivalries
Organizer and Discussant: Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia)

Insti­tu­tions, Compar­ative Advantage, and the Environment

Joseph Shapiro (University of California, Berkeley)

10:15 — 10:30 am


10:30 am — 12:00 pm


10:30 am — 12:00 pm

Session 5

Effects of WTO Rules on Agriculture

Moderator: Lars Brink (Independent Advisor)

1) WTO Agriculture & Fisheries Negoti­a­tions: The Clash over SDT for Emerging Economies 

Kristen Hopewell (University of British Columbia)

2) Shadow Negotiators: How the U.N. Shapes Agricul­tural Trade Rules at the WTO

Matias Margulis (University of British Columbia)

3) An Ensemble of Potential Changes in the WTO Rules on Domestic Support in Agriculture: Comparing Support Space and Measured Support

Lars Brink (Independent Advisor)

10:30 am — 12:00 pm

Session 6

China’s Agricul­tural Trade Beyond the Phase One Trade Deal
Organizers: Shawn Arita, Sharon Sydow (USDA, Office of Chief Economist), and Jason Grant (Virginia Tech)

Moderator: Lee Ann Jackson (OECD, Paris)
Discussant: Sharon Sydow (USDA, Office of Chief Economist)

1Improving China’s Market Access for Agricul­tural Products (Beef, Corn, Pork, Wheat)

Jayson Beckman, Fred Gale, Stephen Morgan, Ethan Sabala, Danielle Ufer, Adriana Valcu-Lisman, Wendy Zeng and Shawn Arita (USDA)

2How Thick is the U.S.-China Border Effect? Counter­factual Estimates of U.S.-China Trade Using Struc­tural Gravity 

Jason Grant, Charlotte Emlinger (Virginia Tech), Shawn Arita and Sharon Sydow (USDA, OCE)

3Impacts of an Increasing Feed Deficit in China in the Face of Global Supply Constraints

Marcel Adenäuer (OECD, Paris)

Tuesday, December 13th:

6:30 — 7:00 am Pacific

Breakfast and Main Hall opens 

7:008:30 am


7:00 — 8:30 am

Session 7

Impacts of SPS Issues and Agricul­tural Trade

Moderator: Matias E. Margulis (University of British Columbia)

1) When Quality Management Helps Agri-Foods Firms to Export

Charlotte Emlinger (Virginia Tech) and Karine Latouche (LERECO INRAE Nantes)

2) Economic Assessment of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Outbreaks in Brazil

Taís Cristina de Menezes (University of São Paulo), Amanda Countryman (Colorado State University), Joaquim Bento de Souza Ferreira Filho, and Fernando Ferreira (University of São Paulo)

3) Animal Diseases’ Hetero­ge­neous Impact on Agricul­tural and Food Trade

Konstan­tinos G. Syren­gelas, Charlotte Emlinger, and Jason H. Grant (Virginia Tech)

7:00 — 8:30 am

Session 8

IATRC Commis­sioned Papers — Results and Findings

Moderator: Andrew Muhammad (University of Tennessee)

1Volatility and Recovery Dynamics in Agricul­tural Trade

Savin Khadka, Munisamy Gopinath (University of Georgia) and Feras Batarseh (Virginia Tech)

2) Achieving Climate Change and Environ­mental Goals without Protec­tionist Measures: Mission (Im)possible?

Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia and European University Institute), Emanuele Ferrari (Joint Research Centre, EU Commission), Andrea Toreti (EU Commission)

3) Agricul­tural Domestic Support under the WTO: Experience and Prospects

Lars Brink (Independent Advisor) and David Orden (Virginia Tech) (book manuscript in prepa­ration based on Commis­sioned Paper 23, April 2020)

8:30 — 8:45 am


8:45 — 10:15 am


Trade and Environ­mental Policies: Synergies and Rivalries

Organizer: Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia)

Discussant: Ian Sheldon (Ohio State University)

Trade and Climate Change Policies: Multi­lateral Rules and Pluri­lateral Cooperation

Bernard Hoekman (European University Institute)

10:15 — 10:30 am


10:30 am- 12:00 pm


10:30 am- 12:00 pm

Session 9

Environ­mental Policies and Trade
Moderator: Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia)

1) On the Trade Effects of Environ­men­tally Related Technical Measures

Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia and European University Institute, Italy), Emilia lamonaca (University of Foggia, Italy) and Charlotte Emlinger (Virginia Tech)

2) The Impact of China’s Environ­mental and Trade Policies on Global Waste Markets

Sandro Steinbach and Xiting Zhuang (University of Connecticut)

3) Border Carbon Adjust­ments: Should Production or Consumption be Taxed?

Will Martin (Inter­na­tional Food Policy Research Institute)

4Achieving Climate Change and Environment Goals without Protec­tionist Measures: Mission (im)possible?

Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia)

10:30 am- 12:00 pm

Session 10

Role of Trans­portation in Agriculture

Moderator: Lynn Kennedy (Louisiana State University)

1) Roads, Trade, and Devel­opment: Evidence from the Agricul­tural Boom in Brazil

Xi He, Guilherme DePaula and Wendong Zhang (Iowa State University)

2) Agricul­tural Trade and Product Quality: Evidence from Modes of Transport

Dela-Dem Doe Fiankor (Agroscope, Switzerland), Bernhard Dalheimer (University of Göttingen), Daniele Curzi (University of Milan) and Bernard Brümmer (University of Göttingen)

3) Maritime Trans­portation Costs in the Grains and Oilseeds Sector

Annelies Deuss (OECD, Paris)

12:00 pm Pacific


Main Hall closes